Friday, 11 October 2013

The Minnie Mouse collection by Hayden Williams: 'Colour Play'


  1. Interview with beyonce dancer ! more on my blog

    Part 1 Dance

    Question : What do you feel when you perform , when thousands of people watch you ?

    Sarah : Performing infront of thousands of people is the most exciting feeling ever. The adrenaline I get when you guys scream right before the show is one of the biggests highs in life. I live for those moments.

    Question : What you feel when you must go out on stage ?

    Sarah : I feel like I'm on top of the world.

    Question : Dancing is what you wanted to do when you was young?

    Sarah : I've always wanted to be a professional dancer since I was a child. But it wasn't until I was an little older my passion for dance and the stage made me push harder and harder to make my dream come true.

    These days it is hard to find work , dancers walk to casting , they send their films , on which shows what they can and doing a lot of things to get this job .

    Question : How did you become a dancer beyonce and how work with one the biggest star of 21st century ?

    Sarah : I auditioned for beyonce /frank gatson her creative director for the revel show. When I got the call to workshop infront of beyonce I couldnt believe my luck. It was an honor to be chosen. To this day I am so grateful for my job and my career so far.

    Part 2 Mrs Carter World Tour

    Question : Where for you was the best show , during the whole tour ?

    Sarah : I would have to say Paris. It was so hot and the crowd was so hype. It was a show I will never forget.

    My favorite songs , when you performce on concert are schoolin life , crazy in love , get me bodied and definitely grown woman !

    Question : To which Beyonce songs you like to dance the most , during a concert ?

    Sarah : I love performing crazy in love, schoolin life , freakum dress and end of time.

    I was on two mrs carter show in London and i think that was the best night of my life , i never felt something more beautiful !

    Question : The mrs carter world tour is for you the biggest experience on your life ?

    Sarah : yes the Mrs carter show world tour is the biggest production I have been apart of and I'm so happy to be apart of inspiring so many people everytime we hit the stage

    Part 3 Fashion or Dance

    We know you dance and you are good at but we see too a lot of beutiful photos on which you are .

    Question : What is more important for you dance or be model ?

    Sarah : Thankyou for the compliment. I love taking photos and I have a lot of passion for modelling aswell . After the tour is finished I want to pursue more of this . This is the reason why I moved from Australia to Los Angeles . The entertainment capital of the United states. I will always dance until I my body won't let me. It feels like therapy for me to dance. It's an outlet like no other.

    Part 4 Life

    Question : What do you want to see in your life yet ? Maybe is one place where you wasnt be and you would like to go there !

    Sarah : I want to travel more of Europe and maybe live in Italy for a little while. Experience different cultures and people. Inspire people always to live their life to the fullest.

    This is interesting , becouse you are so young and so successful .

  2. Omg your fashion drawings are the best!!!

  3. These are amazing. Are there any for sale? I'm a huge Minnie Mouse fan!