Saturday, 21 August 2010

80's Flashback With a Modern Twist: Jem & The Holograms And The Misfits 2010 By Hayden Williams!


If you were around in the 80's, then you must of heard of Jem & The Holograms.....if you haven't, then i'm bringing them BACK!! Here are my takes on the fabulously outrageous rock stars who are rumoured to be making their comeback. I wasn't even born in the 80's but i LOVE this cartoon and the music was awesome (and so it should be since it was backed by MTV) Almost every Jem fan is hoping for a comeback and i am too!


  1. Sweetheart I'm a total 80's baby and I want a comeback so bad I can taste it!

  2. What a fabulous illustration you do..
    Love all those beautiful posts.

  3. I love these so much. I wish you sold your sketches. Your modern take on jem and the misfits is great.